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Due to changes in price structure in the postal system it no longer economical to send items through the post. As any item thicker than 25mm is classed as a packet and has to go parcel post this means that our standard carrier service will work out as much better value. For example a small tub of steriliser or campden tablets or even a packet of corks will be to large to be classed as an envelope by the post office and would have to go parcel post. By the time the padded envelope and recorded delivery is added on this is now nearly every time more expensive than our subsidised carrier rate.

New Alcohol Testing service

New Portable Water filter simplicity itself to use and incredible value

Delivery now only 24 hours, at no extra cost to our customers we now offer 24 hour delivery as standard, so for example an order dispatched on a Monday will be delivered by Tuesday, once again improving our service at no extra cost.

We intend to add pictures of all items in our catalogue adding them regularly as quick as we can, we also intend to add many other sections for more infomation as well as links to other sites that we feel may be of interest.

York Brewery Terrier cask bitter wins Bronze at CAMRA beer of the year
New sugar inclusive wine kits under own own Hamstead Brewing Centre label
New American oak granule sachet for adding to your own wine to increase oak textures.
Winery investment, we have just bought a new corker for our winery, this has the capacity to cork over 1500 bottles an hour and will give a perfect cork insertion every time.
We exhibited our own wines and winery at the BBC Good Food Show as well as demonstrating our Wine on Time service we sold our wines and launched our new Mulled wine which proved incredibly popular.

Hamstead Brewing Centre

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